Our Company has a thirty years experience in the manufacturing of tool holders, tool discs and components for tool-changing turrets and can offer a quality and trustworthy production, chosen by all most important manufacturers of n.c. lathes and turrets.
Our specialization permit us to make special products with dimensions, shapes and "not standard" features in order to satisfy all the working needs of our customers.
All our production is manufactured in our factory in Castelleone (CR) - ITALY .
Tool holders and boring bar holders are manufactured in C45 steel and thermically hardened in the prism or in the cylindrical shank zones.
The prism (dovetail), the cylindrical shank, the toothing, the face and the tool housing area are completely ground.
All tool holders are burnished.
The adaptors for boring bar holders are manufactured in 18NiCrMo5 steel and are thermically hardened and ground inside and outside.
Special tool holders are made and hardened in all the way the customer want.
Our standard production of tool holders and adaptors is always available on stock, for the other items please contact us.

To take a look to our production, choose the category from the PRODUCTION menu.

If you want to send us an inquiry or an order you have two possibilities :

- 1 ) In the CATALOGUE section, you'll find all technical details about our standard production range. When you have found the items required, select from the upper list the quantity and the code and add it to the list clicking on the [ Aggiungi - Add ] button.
Repeat this for each different item you'll choose.
When you have finished, press the [ END ] button in the left upper part, fill in the form and send it to us.
- 2 ) In the FLASH INQUIRY and FLASH ORDER sections you'll find a faster way to send us your inquiries and orders, only if you already know our items codes.


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